How One Family is Making Christmas Matter

This year, for Christmas, as we celebrate the birth of a King who chose a manger for a crib, and a cross as a throne, we are encouraging you to join us in changing the story of the thousands of orphaned and vulnerable children around the world who are truly in need of the good news of Christmas. […]

Get Ready! Change Their Story Launches Soon!

Next week, Children’s HopeChest launches Change Their Story 2014! Change Their Story (CTS) is our annual Christmas fundraising campaign where we work together to raise funds that benefit some of the most vulnerable children in the world. All you need to do is sign up, pick a project, and start raising funds through your personalized fundraising page! […]

Glimmers of a Brighter Future

Glimmers of a Brighter Future We came to the top of a hill and peered down. At the bottom we saw a structure comprised of corrugated metal sheeting nailed together. It was the home our team was visiting for the afternoon. Although the hill wasn’t very steep, the journey down was slow and precise. Being […]

Join Us For HopeCup 2014!

Do you (or someone you know) like to golf? What if you could enjoy a day of golf and support Children’s HopeChest at the same time? We are excited to announce the first ever Children’s HopeChest Golf Tournament, HopeCup 2014. If you will be in Colorado, please consider joining us on September 27 at Monument […]

Send your sponsored child a Christmas card

Sponsors! Time To Send Your Christmas Cards! It may seem early, but now is the time to get in those Christmas cards! Taking the time this summer to write a card full of Christmas joy and encouragement will ensure that your child receives the card in time for the holiday. The joy of Christ’s birth […]

Sponsorship Spotlight

Two summers ago I travelled for the first time to Ethiopia with Calvary Church from Los Gatos, California. They had entered into a partnership with HopeChest and local Church/School in the city of Awasa, called Hitata Guenet. While there, we ran a 5-day VBS program, and my fiancé and I led a group of older […]

2013 Annual Impact Report

We are pleased to inform you that the 2013 Children’s HopeChest Impact Report is available on our website. The report is a sampling of the great work you partnered with us to do this year. Just go here to view the report and see what an impact you helped us make in 2013. 2013 was an amazing […]

Over 800 Children Are Still In Danger

Without the protection of a vaccine, over 800 children under our care in Uganda are still at risk of contracting Hepatitis B. Your gifts so far have raised over $27,000 towards our goal! That means you have provided life saving vaccinations to over 500 children. Thank you! In order to vaccinate every child we care for […]

Urgent: Help Keep Our Kids Hep B Free!

Our staff and Country Director in Uganda are urgently requesting we protect our children and staff immediately. In surrounding areas, reports are coming in with infection rates at or above 20%! That’s one-in-five people contracting Hepatitis B! Average infection rates are typically closer to 5%. A highly virulent disease that normally destroys the livers of its victims, Hepatitis B has no known cure.

Journey To Hope: Christ, the Hope of the World

Journey To Hope Any good journey worth taking has some markers along the way, doesn’t it? Living here in Colorado and enjoying the ability to hike in the mountains, the importance of markers indicating the trail becomes abundantly clear when you are above the tree line and clambering over a boulder field. Without those cairns […]